• "An Army Without Music" Recording Begins in NYC

    The basic tracks for An Army Without Music are done! We had an amazing time in Brooklyn tracking at Mission Sound Recording and Saltlands Studio with producer Gary Maurer. Gary, Matt Keating, Mark Brotter and George Rush were brilliant to work with. We are so happy with the results. We mixed a little Ashes and Fire-style Ryan Adams, a little Norah Jones, a hint of Amos Lee and some good old-fashioned real country music together...

    We'll be working on overdubs and vocals in early 2014, with an anticipated release date this spring.

    Elizabeth tracking "Chantilly Grace" at Saltlands.

    Vanessa and producer Gary Maurer of Hem.

    On the way to Mission Sound Recording.


  • Kickstarter Success!

    It's official, we far exceeded our Kickstarter goal, with more than $6500 in contributions. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. 

    Our first studio session is this month at Saltlands Studio and Mission Sound Recording in Brooklyn with producer Gary Maurer (Hem). And then we'll be finishing up "An Army Without Music" recording in January. The release date is tentatively March 2014. We'll be posting song updates and clips from the studio as we go.

    Stay tuned for battlesite videos from Alabama ("Grancer Harrison") and Louisiana ("Rose of Sharon"). And we've got our work cut out for us to record live at battle sites in Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia this winter/spring. 

    A big thank you to all of our supporters!

  • Gary Maurer of Hem to Produce "An Army Without Music"

    We are proud to announce that our third album is underway! An Army Without Music will be produced by Gary Maurer of Hem in Brooklyn this fall.

    Gary is apparently a huge history (and Civil War) buff. When he heard the songs, he said "We have to do this!". We were blown away - Gary produces all of the Hem records, has worked with Elizabeth Cook and Fountains of Wayne, and did the music for Broadway's Tony Award-winning War Horse. He has invited us to his Brooklyn studio in November to make an album.

    We are launching a Kickstarter campaign this week to help with costs associated with the new album. Stay tuned!

  • Copenhill video

    UPDATE 9/13/13: Atlanta's Star 94 morning show talked about our video and aired part of the interviews today!

    UPDATE 9/12/13: Today's Washington Post has an article about us!

    The video for song number two for our "An Army Without Music" album is now live.

    This is "Copenhill", recorded at Morelli's Ice Cream in the Edgewood Retail District on Moreland Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. This giant shopping center was the center of the Battle of Atlanta on a miserably hot July day in 1864. Today, there's not even a commemorative plaque to mark the spot. Instead, shoppers hurry in and out of Target and the Kroger grocery store, casually eat food at numerous restaurants and speed up and down the heavily-trafficed avenue. We wondered if those people know what happened 149 years ago.

    Find out more about this project at
    Video by Abby Linne.

  • Daytrotter

    Our Daytrotter session is live today! They describe our music as "somewhere between a harvest moon and a soft bed." We had a great time recording these tunes in just one take with our bandmates Jeremy Ezell on keys/guitar and Derek Murphy on drums at the Daytrotter studio in Rock Island, Illinois.

    Head over to to get the debut recordings of songs such as Goodnight House, Jackson Barracks and Oddfellows Cemetery as well as new arrangements of Never On A Sunday, Don't Come to Tennessee and Flying Mercury.